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Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. One in four women have experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. There are an estimated 146,357 deaths each day. With all this tragedy going on in the world where can we find hope, freedom, and healing? Ashlee Reed, with Beauty Out of Ashes ministries, has a strong passion for sharing the empowering answer of God’s love. With her independent EP, “Beauty Out of Ashes”, that tells how she overcame her own personal struggles in these areas. Her Beauty Out of Ashes song has been listed on NSAI’s Top 40 Song page of and received an honorable mention in the 2013 NSAI Song Contest presented by CMT. Ashlee has been featured on Memphis’s ‘Live at 9’ News Channel 3, 640 AM Radio, The Mary Beth Conley Show, The Loretta McNary Show and Franklin’s WAKM 950. Her inspiring testimony and unique intertwining of personal songs has brought tears, deep reflection, and healing to schools and churches across the state. Consider bringing Ashlee and Beauty Out of Ashes Ministries to your school or church.


There are many ways to bring Beauty out of Ashes to you event. Find out what may work best for your organization

CHAPEL/KEYNOTE EVENT: Through a series of personal stories and songs covering bullying, abuse, disease, and death, Ashlee unravels the mysteries of God’s healing love in this powerful 30-minute session. Ideal for encouraging youth to confront their struggles as they release them to our omniscient Savior.

WORSHIP NIGHT: Request Ashlee to come speak at your next retreat or conference. From the raw presentation of her testimony to the insightful hope found in her lyrics, Ashlee invites the youth to connect with the healing spirit of the Father. Ashlee also is available to lead worship for services as well.

The songs on the EP, Beauty Out Of Ashes, include and are about:

Beauty Out Of Ashes—Girl drama and bullying
Wild and Free—Rough breakups, abusive relationships
In My Memories—Dealing with natural death
‘Til the End—Unexpected death
Still My Heart—Finding purpose and peace in God

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